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Coding an Image Carousel - Help Needed!

Question asked by sr0055695 on Jul 26, 2018
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Our team are hoping to set up an image carousel/slider on our Blackboard Homepage, to present numerous informational 'images' in one space.  I am using the beneath format of slider, in that each of the 'preview tiles' beneath the main image is clickable, replacing the main image once selected.

I tested the code in Dreamweaver and it functions as desired, though appears to become corrupt upon implementing this in Bb...


You can find the JSFiddle here, containing the HTML/CSS (I am calling upon the CSS from the Content Collection in Bb, though it is separated in the fiddle).


I am under the impression that it is the introduction of JS that is causing the code to break - I attempted calling this from the Content Collection (as is the case for the CSS), though there is no difference.


Here is the original code that inspired this, that might be bendable to suit the language of Bb.


If someone can help me implement this into Bb as a functional slider, it would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance!