Creating new users on Learn SaaS, would prefer not to specify a password

Discussion created by wmoindrot on Jul 25, 2018
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We're running a pilot of Learn SaaS with students, creating their accounts manually via batch for this one course. When setting up the accounts via CSV the documentation says that a password does not have to be provided, instead a double quote mark. And in this case the username is set as the password as well. In my fantasy I thought I could set up the user accounts, not specify a password, and the system would send them an email with a link through which they would be able to setup a new password of their choosing.


Does anybody know if this is a feature of Blackboard Learn Saas - I am assuming it is not. If it helps, the help file documentation implies we are on Learn SaaS 3400 but don't know where else to check in the system.


Thanks, Will