Text Editor Faux Pas

Discussion created by tmassey28 on Jul 24, 2018

Good Morning all!


I am brand new to Blackboard LMS and although I love the layout, I am having a terrible time simply using the text editor on the site version ( haven't tried the mobile version yet). I am using both the Ultra and previous style.


Some problems:

1. Selecting text is impossible, I can select the entire line but if I wanted to format a specific part of it after it's been typed. I have re-type the entire line.

2. Backspace, it creates anew line, but seems to create a new line with new format properties and not always tie into the formatting of the line prior to it.

3. Double clicking to select all text does one of two things 1, brings up an insert file prompt or 2, deletes all of the context in the text box.


I do have quite a bit of experience in LMSs and Word processing programs but I cannot for the life of me figure out what could be the issue.


Are there any tips or tricks that all of you can recommend? Is there a browser extension I can use, or maybe even a browser suggestion? I have used explorer and chrome and encountered the same difficulty.


Thanks everyone