Changes to End-User Support for Mobile Apps & Informational Webinars

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Community - I wanted to make sure you were aware of the upcoming changes (see below) that will be taking place around end user support for the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps. Our mobile support team will be hosting two webinars about this next week on Monday, July 30th to talk through what this means for your institution.


Below is the latest support bulletin on this topic:

To ensure mobile users get relevant support resources and a consistent support experience, Blackboard will be discontinuing Student Services end-user support for the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps, effective July 31, 2018. After July 31, mobile users will be directed to their institution’s helpdesk directly for support or they can access support resources through Blackboard's help site. After a thorough analysis of mobile support cases, this decision was made to ensure that mobile users are directed to the best channel to address their support questions. This approach also aligns with the support experience for Blackboard Learn, creating greater consistency for end-users. If necessary, administrators will still be able to escalate support cases to the Blackboard support team through Behind the Blackboard


How will this change be implemented?  
Currently, mobile users are directed to Blackboard’s Student Services support team through the app’s “Help” option within the app settings, through the Help Site, or by contacting the mobile support Twitter account @bbmobilesupport.  After July 31, users seeking help through the apps or through the Help site will be directed to contact their institution’s helpdesk.  Helpdesk contact information can be provided to Blackboard through Behind the Blackboard.  See the following article for details:


What changes can end-users expect to see after July 31?  

  • Help site changes: When users navigate to a mobile page on the Help Site, they will see new help options at the bottom of each page (see image below). One option will direct them to their institution’s helpdesk. This is consistent with the user experience on Blackboard Learn help pages.  




Twitter support changes: The @bbmobilesupport account will be discontinued.


Please see the full support bulletin here: