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custom language pack creates undefined for decimal point in Grade Centre

Question asked by jb31639 on Jul 17, 2018
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I'm struggling to replicate this error and see the cause. A number of our instructors are seeing "undefined" in the Grade Centre for a decimal point. This occurs when we apply a modified language pack.


We've noticed also that the date format changes from UK/GB to US.


We've been customising the language pack for several BB versions now and not see this before.


I download the current UK language pack for each version, modify it (change "module" to "widget" to avoid confusion)  and then edit the manifest to provide a new name/locale e.g. en_GB_something. A screenshot is included below.


I can't see what's wrong with our language pack which causes the decimal (property?) to be lost and also alters the date format to use (I feel this is a big clue but not sure what to look for?)