CBE without goal performance dashboard

Discussion created by mdouglas on Jul 18, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


We are working on a CBE course and found the goal performance dashboard to be problematic for students to determine where they are in the course since the sub-competencies are not accordianing under the competencies. This resulted in a list of well over 100 competencies and sub-competencies in the students dashboard which takes a bit of scrolling for the student to determine what competencies they have passed. The alternative that we are exploring is to use the 'My Grades' to track their summative assessment assignments. The assessments have rubrics for students to view how well they are doing with the sub-competencies.


We are still looking at the goal performance dashboard but I am wondering if anyone has created a CBE course without using the goal performance dashboard. If you have, what are you using to help students and instructors know where students are at in the course regarding achieving the competencies and sub-competencies?


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