Who killed BbWorld Live 2018?

Discussion created by td30512 on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Ian Holder

What happened with BbWorld Live? It was a nice bit of insight back in 2017:   BbWorld Live 2017


Am I the only one who thinks it's been completely forgotten and feeling left out in the cold? It seems like such a waste. I would have paid good money for a place to login, watch some video feeds and to be involved remotely.  Its hard to believe a company who's main product is an online learning management tool can't figure this out. Especially when they put so much work into Collaborate Ultra and don't end up using it at a venue where they could have showed it off.


I guess I'll go watch the twitter feed.



Oh the irony...BbWorld @BbWorld2018