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Building Block Course Tool link opening with contentWrapper

Question asked by rm0043949 on Jul 11, 2018

Hi all,


We have an old Building Block developed in house that is deployed as a Course Tool. The link in the course menu is being wrapped with the contentWrapper.jsp.


Bad Link: /webapps/blackboard/content/contentWrapper.jsp?&displayName=UTS+Building+Block&course_id=_11111_1&navItem=content&href=%2Fwebapps%2FUTS-buildingblock%2Fbg%2Fdisplaygroups%3Fcourse_id%3D_11111_1


This is embedding a full bbNG:learningSystemPage with the contentWrapper, effectively double-handling it.


It should link directly to a B2 jsp page like other building blocks do, eg Turnitin: /webapps/turn-plgnhndl-bb_bb60/links/list_assignments.jsp?course_id=_11111_1


How can we configure this behaviour?