Questions concerning how schools collect/post syllabi

Discussion created by bl31720 on Jul 13, 2018

How does your school collect syllabi? What is your school's process for instructors to post their course syllabi?


Please discuss how your institution collects syllabi, (if they do)? Do you collect all syllabi or just a sample for accreditation? Do you load syllabi into the SIS and connect to Blackboard via a link or B2? Do you require your instructors to load syllabi directly into Bb or into the SIS and do you use a custom interface for the latter? We are looking for a simpler approach as we currently use a custom tool by Bb and further hands-on massaging to get it into other campus systems.


Background: Institutional Research (IR) at U of L collects all syllabi. We require instructors to load syllabi into the Bb course by order of the Provost for the following reasons. 1. This allows students to shop classes, as the area is guest accessible, 2. This allows IR to run reports on syllabi that have been loaded and collect all syllabi (by semester) via a custom built tool by Bb ICM for accreditation purposes. We are looking for a simpler and cheaper solution as IR then collects the syllabi and loads into OnBase. This process involves multiple departments, systems and processes currently.


My suggestion is to have the instructors load directly into PeopleSoft or directly into OnBase and link to PS. Please discuss what your school does in terms of syllabi, thanks.