EvaluationKit Integration with Blackboard

Discussion created by mh21485 on Jul 2, 2018

My institution has purchased EvaluationKit as its new course evaluation survey tool. It can be integrated with Blackboard, but we have questions about how other schools handle the integration. We would prefer to pull direct from the SIS instead of Blackboard to ensure that course and user data are correct. Our biggest problems with a direct pull from Blackboard is that 1) Course Copy processes carry over terms to the wrong courses and 2) We add supplementary users to courses using the default student and instructor course roles. Both could cause concerns over survey deployment that effect validity (wrong courses, wrong people being surveyed).


If there are schools out there using EvaluationKit that pull course and user data direct from Blackboard, how do you enforce term assignment to courses? Do you use custom roles to add supplemental users? (i.e. subs, interpreters, reviewers etc.).


Are there schools out there that pull from the SIS instead and just push notifications to Blackboard?


Any guidance is appreciated.