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Hosting and Playing a Unity WebGL Project

Question asked by dayliff on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by as0045500


I am a Unity C# developer creating 3D simulations and educational game to supplement a curriculum. I have very little experience with web based development(HTML, CSS, Javascript) and even less experience with backend development(servers, databases, ect.).


I am trying to use the Blackboard Content Collection to host the Unity WebGL builds so I can display them within the Blackboard course. I've had success in the past with WebGL buids, hosting them on and using iframes to display my work on my portfolio, but never with setting up the hosting service myself.


My process so far has been to add the zipped WebGL build to the Content Collection, and using all kinds of Blackboard links to point to the index.html file. In all cases it fails to run, and displays some of the HTML on screen, which doesn't happen when I run it locally.


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.