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Embeding iFrame or Link to Content from LTI Tool

Question asked by tcoursey on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by tcoursey

What are the pieces that we need to consider developing a tool that will reach out to a website offer content the instructor can choose to embed/include in a course.


We have developed the website with it's content.  We are authenticated through blackboard.  Currently when we try and choose/insert the content we are getting an oauth error, but feel that may not be the full reason it's error.  We are using a library to format the signed data and don't think it's truly an oauth error.


What kind of debug can we do, what are the missing components that we may not be considering?  I am not the developer but have some working knowledge of what we have so far, sorry if some of this doesn't sound just right.


Any guidance would be much appreciated.