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RSS feeds for (Box View??)

Question asked by rh0071219 on Jun 27, 2018

While (sort of) following the instructions provided by Bb for subscribing to RSS feeds for various Bb services via the site, I ran across one that isn't sitting right with me and I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.


I created IFTTT recipes to send me texts whenever the RSS feeds for Bb Learn SaaS or Mobile Learn services are updated.  I also wanted to set up on for Box view (for reasons that should be evident to anyone reading this question), but the URL provided for Inline Grading is not a valid link.  It points to and (in spite of the Crocodoc reference in the URL), the link doesn't point to a valid resource.  If I change the URL to match the formatting of the other links (which makes it, it works, and it gives me a real live RSS feed, but is this the feed that will be updated or is there another secret feed that I don't know about?


Anyone have a clue on this one?


~Rodney Hargis