Utilizing integrated A4L reports for financial aid verification

Discussion created by nw0055908 on Jun 27, 2018

I posted this to the ASU listserv, so apologies to anyone seeing it twice. Just wanting to get the word out about our recent utilization of A4L reports.

Sending this along as a heads up for groups using A4L that face the same challenge we just overcame: reactivating students in Learn to allow instructors to gather evidence of participation in a course after a student withdraws, for purposes of financial aid disbursement.


In short, our old process was a lengthy form/ticket which would be bounced between three groups on campus. Instructors did not appreciate it much, to the point that some would not even bother doing it, potentially resulting in students who did participate having to return funds to the feds. Utilizing an integrated A4L report, we've made the process completely self service. So far, the response has been enthusiastic and instructors are submitting evidence at much higher rates.


Our communications team did a fancy write up, feel free to peruse.