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Gradebook v2 endpoint not returning score

Discussion created by Peter Love on Jun 27, 2018
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Just wondering if anybody else has come across this and if its a bug or if I am missing something.


The Get Column Grades v1 endpoint returns the score as expected, but the v2 endpoint has this empty, even though it

is returned in displayGrade.score.  This is on 3300.8.0, 3400.0.0 and 3400.5.0.


To replicate, create an assignment, as a student make a submission, as the instructor give the submission a mark.


Then retrieve the column's grades with the v1 endpoint:



I get the following:


score is there as expected.


But if I call the v2 endpoint:



I get the following:


no score, but it is in displayGrade.score.


Furthermore, if I override the grade, it does come back in the v2 call in score: