How do you manage your Bb CSS? (SASS? less.js? mods.css?) 

Discussion created by rh0071219 on Jun 25, 2018
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I recently started a new position, and one of my first tasks was to update the existing Blackboard theme from Learn 2012 to Learn 2016.  I evaluated the existing configuration, got a feel for the system, and then made the adjustments, did the testing, and rolled it out into production right after our last update (we're SaaS FDO, so it was on June 9).  Everything went well and functions as expected. 


Now I'm doing an end-of-project assessment and wondering, "What can I do better?"


I've coded CSS off and on for a long time and am comfortable with the system my institution uses (having a mods.css file that contains all CSS updates).  But just because a system works and I'm comfortable with it doesn't mean that it's the best way to do things.  Thus, I want to explore other options.


As I was preparing for the upgrade, I noticed this article on Customizing Learn 2016 Theme with SASS (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets) and the video which demonstrates the process, but since I was new to the institution and unfamiliar with SASS, I didn't want to go complicating matters.


Now that the move is complete and managing the CSS is ultimately my responsibility, I'm wondering if SASS or some other method (LESS?) may be better than the way I'm doing it.


What say you, colleagues and counterparts?  What system do you use? 

What are the advantages?  disadvantages?

I'm curious to know...