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Custom CSS for login page

Question asked by am27446 on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2018 by jkelley_blackboard

On our self-hosted system, I have a couple modified CSS files to make our login page look like this...




With our move to SaaS, when asked about having my modified CSS files put into /blackboard/docs/themes/as_2012/theme1.css and theme2.css, I was told.....


As per the Blackboard Client Support Guidelines, Blackboard, Inc. does not provide support for client-provided, custom or third-party code including HTML, CSS and Javascript. As such, Blackboard recommends that should you have any further issues with customization of your login page after using the possible solution above, you can reach out to our Blackboard Developer Community where other Institutions and Developers congregate to develop custom solutions.  Our Blackboard Community site can be reached through Behind the Blackboard, or directly through the following URL:


The "solution above" it speaks about was about getting the images to show which worked, but I am left without my white boxes.


How can I customize the CSS if I can't get to the files and they won't put in what I need?