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Unlimited dicusssion attempts limited to a max total

Question asked by ubose on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by drt

Please help me setting up this graded activity in Blackboard. Students will participate in class discussions any number of times throughout the semester. For each such attempt they will be graded for up to 5 points. For the whole semester a student can earn a max of 20 points. To capture their attempts, I created a column in the gradebook for each class meeting and set the point value to 0 and not to count the column in grade center calculations. If a student participates twice and earns 3 and 5 for those two attempts, I shall enter 8 in the column. I also created a calculated column to calculate their running total for participation. How to cap this column to 20 points? Also, since the discussion grade columns have a 0 points possible, the calculated total column is not adding any points to the overall total points. So, I think I am doing this all wrong.


How to set up the columns in the gradebook?