Are you ready for the new CourseSites?

Discussion created by jbanks on Jun 14, 2018
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It’s almost time to cut the ribbon and unveil the new and improved environment.

This month, the new CourseSites will officially be available for you to begin teaching courses using our new user interface - the Ultra experience – designed to make it easier than ever to teach and learn online, from any device.

Additionally, you will have access to Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Ally which are seamlessly integrated into the digital learning environment. Blackboard Collaborate will provide you with a one-click virtual classroom that delivers a level of engagement that makes you and your students feel like you're face-to-face. Blackboard Ally helps you make your course content more accessible and provides benefits for all your students.

Overall, the new CourseSites will allow you to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology from Blackboard and deliver an unparalleled online learning experience.

In preparation for the launch, we’d like to remind you of a few key items. Think of this as our hand-picked list of things for you to know before the new CourseSites is introduced later this month:

  • Ensure your courses are up-to-date. Once the new platform is live, you can quickly import your courses and begin teaching within the new learning environment. You can find detailed export instructions here and a how-to export video here.
  • Once the new CourseSites is live, you will be required to register for the new platform before being able to teach live courses. Don’t worry; registration should take less than 2-minutes to complete.
  • Watch videos to get further acquainted with the Ultra experience. We think you’ll love the new modern, intuitive, and efficient user experience.
  • Join the CourseSites Community to engage with fellow educators as well as Blackboard experts. While there, check out the CourseSites FAQ.

Remember, you can continue using the original CourseSites environment you’re familiar with until the end of 2018. We understand change isn’t always easy, so we encourage you to embrace this change at your own pace.

We’re excited to have you embark on this journey with us and can’t wait to introduce you to the new CourseSites later this month.

If you have any questions or require more information, please click here to connect with us.