Tracking Hits on Top-Frame Tabs

Discussion created by dr36900 on Jun 14, 2018

We are a managed-hosted institution with the Community Engagement license.


Our library has recently asked for a space in Blackboard to post relevant information for library patrons.  Our proposed solution is to provide a couple of library staff members with node/module admin access to a library top-frame tab in our environment.


The library is interested in gathering data on how many Blackboard users are accessing their library tab.  I opened a ticket with Behind the Bb, but I am being told that the Activity Accumulator does not capture this kind of information.  We are not looking for detailed data here...just "how many users clicked the 'Library' top-frame tab between X date and Y date."


Has anyone else had any luck with tracking this kind of user activity at the Top-Frame tab level?  Is this something that can be done through Bb ASR or Open DB?