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Why not enable an easier method of feedback that is to share idea on Coursesites when ideas/ limitations are to be pointed out?

Question asked by consultusho on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by nc36270

If I am not experiencing a problem but only want to share some idea with developers of Coursesites – then too the process is complex. I do not understand anything in software/ hardware and even coursesites I am still figuring out. In this situation I did not want to post to a nerdy community. I prefer email as a means of communicating my ideas to someone who can choose to work on it or. But there are no email ID for this. I wrote to (from whois details of site ownership) and & found the twitter handle was dated. But got no auto acknowledgement - I did not need any reply – only a sense that it would reach developers. But as per coursesites link had to learn to open a problem query within coursesites knowing they are limitations. They then was directed to share at this forum.