Blackboard Instructor Grading Update & Beta Program

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Blackboard Instructor Grading Update

We're excited to announce that the first release of grading capabilities in Blackboard Instructor are scheduled for release early next month. With grading, our goal is to help instructors and graders save time by enabling them to grade anytime, anywhere using a simple, yet powerful set of tools optimized for phones and tablets. This first release focuses on assignment grading - allowing instructors to see all assignments that need to be graded, identify which students have/have not provided submissions, and then the ability to review the assignment, add comments, inline annotations, and grade with rubrics.


To enable grading, you will need to be on Learn instance running Q2 2017+ or SaaS. Please note that SaaS clients will have access to grading upon release – scheduled for release on July 5th and a CU update will be required for SH/MH clients. We will communicate CU availability on the Help Site, Behind the Blackboard and here on the Community Site when available. With this first release, grading functionality is only available for Original courses. Support for Ultra courses is targeted for Q3. To learn more about grading capabilities, tune into one of our upcoming product roadmap webinars


Blackboard Instructor Grading Beta Program

Next week, we will also be launching a beta program. The goal of this program is to gather your feedback on the first release of grading, and continue to validate our grading roadmap, so that we can ensure we’re continuing to build an app that meets instructor’s needs.


  1. Q: How can I participate in the Blackboard Instructor beta program?
    A: To facilitate an effective beta program, we are a limiting the number of participants and requests will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis to be as fair as possible. We will also be looking for representation across all geographies, so that we have a diverse beta program. You can submit a participation request here.
  2. Q: What does the beta program entail? 
    A: We will be asking participants to set aside time to walk through the grading workflows on their own. We will be providing a guide to ensure that participants explore all the new grading capabilities and an in-depth feedback form that participants will fill out while testing. We will then be hosting a grading feedback session to discuss feedback and comments.


To request a spot in the grading beta, please submit your information here. We will be kicking off the beta program next week. Thank you for your interest!