Box Annotations Missing After Migration - Soon to be Resolved!

Discussion created by srichter on Jun 6, 2018

I mentioned this during the 6/5 virtual user group meeting, so I thought I would follow-up with a post here. It is (I hope) soon to be resolved, so this is mostly an FYI for others.


The issue (as I understand it)

We kept our self-hosted instance live during our migration to SaaS, because we had around 150 courses that were running during that time. (See Our Migration Begins Today! for our timeline and process). Because our site was still live, Bb could not use our old Site ID for the SaaS site, so they created a new Site ID for SaaS. However, when we took our self-hosted site down, the Site ID was not updated, so we lost our connection to (and I assume other things, as well, but no one complained about anything else).


The visible result: No Box annotations or baked-in Crocodoc annotations in past courses.


The solution

Bb can now update our SaaS instance with the old Site ID, which should restore the annotations. However, we will lose any annotations made since the migration. Fortunately, it has only been a week, so this will hopefully have a minimal impact. We have had approximately 2500 assignment submissions in the last week (with only the previously-mentioned 150 courses running - that's a lot!), but it seems only a handful of courses include annotations. Those faculty will have to very quickly save the annotations in another format, like recreating them using Comments in the student's submission or saving in the Feedback to Learner field. This would be much easier if Box had the ability to download the annotations in the document as a PDF, or displayed them all at once! (I know those features are coming, but we could definitely use them now!)


We are notifying the faculty who are affected today, and giving them about 24 hours to save the content. Fingers crossed that no one is too upset.