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Snapshot Flat File API using PHP Curl

Question asked by rs0048203 on Jun 5, 2018
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I have successfully tried:

curl -k -w %{http_code} -H "Content-Type:text/plain" -u SHARED_USERNAME:SHARED_PASSWORD --data-binary @PATH_TO_TEST_FILE ENDPOINT_URL

But, using (version 7) PHP  Curl  - seeing (due to an echo statement):

Server response: Success: Feed File Uploaded. Use the reference code 953247a300af4e9eb87fdeb82c3848ca to track these records in the logs. Curl Error:

With SIS Log:


Jun 05, 2018 08:21:02 AM - Error while parsing Snapshot Feed File - java.lang.NullPointerException
  at blackboard.dataintegration.flatfile.parser.FlatFileParser.parse(
  at blackboard.dataintegration.flatfile.queue.FlatFileMessageQueueHandler.onMessage(
  at blackboard.platform.messagequeue.impl.activemq.ActiveMQMessageQueueConsumer$