Learning Analytics using Data you Already Have

Discussion created by timothyharfield on Jun 5, 2018

Just because you don't have a learning analytics tool doesn't mean you can't start doing learning analytics.  It may take more effort, and you may not have granular access to the same kind of data you may otherwise have in something like Analytics for Learn, but the amount of information available natively within Blackboard Learn is very rich, and there is a huge amount of potential for instructional designers and faculty developers to learn a tremendous amount about the student experience using data they already have at their finger tips.


In this recent presentation, Katie Stripe (Imperial College London) investigates the student experience relative to a wide variety of instructional design elements, and presents an empathetic picture of the learner as they are.  I would love to see others replicate this work using native reporting, or build upon it using Analytics for Learn or data extracted from OpenDB.