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LTI - Deep Linking - Outcomes

Question asked by as0041378 on Jun 4, 2018

We are currently testing LTI Deep linking in Blackboard. When the faculty selects content to be deep linked it also creates a column in the grade book.


When a student clicks on the link they are taken directly to the assignment in our system. The student clicks on a submission button that will create an outcome and post back to Blackboard.


Here are the issues we are running into:


1) Is there a way to put the submission into a "pending" state According to the LTI docs you have to pass back a value between 0.0 and 1.0. We end up passing back 0 but we'd like to make sure the faculty knows they need to review the submission and update the score.

2) Is there a way to attach an LTI Launch URL or any type of submission content with the outcome?

3) In the grade book a faculty member can click "Grade User Activity". This fires the LTI deep link. However, I don't see any identifying information for the student. Is it possible to pass that information when the faculty member clicks to grade?