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Help! How to set up a goal set?

Question asked by eduqanh on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by dm0070641

I work as a content developer for a course in my institution. The institution uses CourseSites for its couses' management.


In CourseSites, my role is an instructor. There is a rule in CourseSite that an Instructor could NOT creat goal sets for a course but only use the goal sets provided/ created by Administrator. The rule is briefly mentioned at second 44th in this video tutorial  How to Align Content to Goals - YouTube.

As I can understand, these goal sets is created in BlackBoard Learn, not in CourseSites => I am still confused with this instruction...


I dont know how a goal set is created in CourseSites / BlackBoard Learn => I could not yet advise the institution to make it for me.

So my question is: Can you tell me how the sets of goal  are created by the institution? If there are some video tutorials, please advise me!


Thank you,