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Confusing data in Activity Accumulator (Open DB)

Question asked by as0045587 on May 25, 2018

HI guys,


I have written an OpenDB query that pulls out the how many times scorm content items were accessed. I'm not sure the query is correct as the data looks confusing. In the course I checking against, 5 videos (scorm items) seem to be access at exactly the same time.


Could somebody take a look and and let me know where I have gone wrong?




SELECT Unique(to_char(timestamp, 'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss')) as time, /*aa.pk1, */u.user_id,u.firstname, u.lastname, cm.course_id,/*aa.internal_handle,*/ aa.event_type, cc.title AS content_item /*aa.content_pk1,, aa.status, aa.session_id*/

--select *

FROM bblearn.activity_accumulator aa

LEFT JOIN bblearn.course_main cm ON aa.course_pk1 = cm.pk1

LEFT JOIN bblearn.users u ON aa.user_pk1 = u.pk1

LEFT JOIN bblearn.course_contents cc ON aa.content_pk1 = cc.pk1

WHERE cm.course_id = '&course'


-- AND like '%PreView%'

and cnthndlr_handle like '%scorm%'

-- and Aa.Event_Type = 'CONTENT_ACCESS'

AND user_id = '&user'

-- and timestamp >= '28-OCT-2017'

-- and timestamp < '24-jan-2017'

ORDER BY time desc, event_type, content_item asc