What Blackboard training is delivered at your institution?

Discussion created by lf0047696 on May 25, 2018
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In June/July (hopefully), I will be planning out the Blackboard training for staff at both Newcastle and our branch campuses for Semester 1 2018/19. Attendance is pretty poor at workshops and I don't think we are alone in that one.


I was just wondering if people would be happy to share ideas about the Blackboard training delivered to staff at their institution- session topics, length, type e.g face-to-face/online etc, do you target particular staff, e.g. separate sessions for professional services / go out to schools? How often do you run them? Sorry I realise that is a lot of questions! :-)


We currently run a using Blackboard at Newcastle (aimed at beginners or those who need a refresher), Blackboard Next Steps (which gets next to noone sign up), How to use Discussion Boards, Getting Started with Blackboard Tests, Next Steps with Blackboard Tests, Managing the Blackboard Grade Centre.


Be great to have any input on this.