Issues with SQL generated file formatting

Discussion created by cr28334 on May 23, 2018
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In the last 6 months we have migrated off of Banner for our SIS and onto Campus Management (Nexus) and have been using the SIS Framework Controller Dashboard in Bb.


Since the migration we have been using the SQL Management Studio to generate our feed files. The data is coming out correct but our file formatting has been a real issue


1. All files are being created with UTF-8 encoding and we have to change them to ANSI (changing it to ANSI per ICM)

2. We have been getting dash lines below the headers "-------" and in a couple of files multiple rows of those lines above the header and in some cases empty lines.

3. Every file has 3 blank lines below the footer.


Some searching has revealed that the encoding can be corrected in a post script and/or fixed by making changes to the settings and configurations of our SQL environment.


Anyone experience this? If so what steps did you take to correct it?