Gradebook Sync with Parent-Child Pages

Discussion created by jono_marsh on May 21, 2018



I work as an LTI integration admin and have a problem with a 3rd party who uses Blackboard.


They have a course with over 9000 students. The reason for this simply for admin simplicity where the course is a first year module which all students across all faculties and qualifications need to complete.


I need a way for them to build a single course, have student's enrol into that course, and have 1 gradebook for the course.


However, in the background the students should seem to be accessing the main course but instead they should be accessing a child course.


Our LTI integration can only handle 500 to 1000 students in a course. So our integrations need to be on the child course syncing back to the child course gradebook.


However at some point we need to the child course gradebooks to sync back up to the main parent course.


One more point to this is that there is no way for the admins to determine which child course a student gets registered into. So we need a way to sort that problem out.


Perhaps is there a way to create child pages and embed them into a parent page?


To summarise: Parent page with all students and grades from child pages, child pages with LTI links and gradebooks.