Course Role for Tutor

Discussion created by curtis.bryant on May 24, 2018
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I'd like your thoughts about granting a course user a custom role. We haven't created a custom course role since starting to use Learn 4 years ago.



Our Spanish program wants to try offering students in online Spanish courses the chance to schedule synchronous online tutoring via Skype with a specific tutor they trust. They want the tutor to be able to view course content.

The Decision

What role should we give the tutor? Because the Instructor, Teaching Assistant, and Course Builder roles grant the ability to edit course content, we don't want to assign the tutor any of those. We could assign the Guest role, but we aren't familiar with it, have never used it, and most course tools are configured at the system level not to be available to Guests.


A Potential Solution

One potential solution is to ask Managed Hosting to duplicate the Student role, name the new role Tutor, and remove this role's ability to submit graded work and appear in the Grade Center.


What do you think? Has your institution granted tutors access to courses? How? How would you handle this?