Receiving New Course Information for the New Semester

Discussion created by wm37036 on May 16, 2018
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My initial question to everyone is how do you receive your course information to create the new courses for the upcoming year?  Now, let me give you some background information into our institution.  We do not have an SIS connection, which is part of our problem.  Next, our faculty just want a course copy every year and not a clean course.  So with that information...Blackboard started in Medical School and then gradually spread to the other schools.  But the process of getting course information stayed the same, which was left up to each school to manually create their own courses.  So, if you looked at our course ids, there was consistency and then naming conventions were never the same.  So it was very difficult to search for courses and pull reports.  So, I decided to change the process and get a standard course id naming convention from the Registrar's Office.  Now going forward, all the course ids are the same across all the schools and it makes searching and reporting so much easier.  But now I'm at the mercy of the Registrar's Office and their deadlines for courses are much later than mine.  I'm worried faculty and course coordinators won't have enough time to get the courses ready for the new semesters in time.  So, for those of you who are not connected to an SIS, what is your process of getting your course lists to create new courses for the upcoming semester?  I would like to develop a policy for all the schools to get information to me but I was curious what other schools were doing.