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Help with Data Request for Academic Research

Question asked by dawess on May 18, 2018

Hi all.


Wondering if anybody can help with the a query?


We are currently assisting an academic at our institution with some research regarding students engagement with online/blended learning materials. He is looking at moving a module from blended to possibly purely online and is requires data about students interaction. This research also forms part of his PHD study.


He is looking for a report that contains the following info:


  • EXE_CO a correctly solved summative assessment item (exercise)
  • EXE_IN an incorrectly solved summative assessment item (exercise)
  • MCQ_CO a correctly solved formative assessment item (multiple choice question - MCQ)
  • MCQ_IN an incorrectly solved formative assessment item (MCQ)
  • MCQ_SR a solution requested for a formative assessment item (MCQ)
  • VIDEO_PLAY activation of a course video
  • CONTENT_ACCESS access to a page containing reading materials
  • MC_EVAL access to the dashboard; this is considered a metacognitive evaluation action
  • MC_ORIENT access to the schedule and the learning objective pages; this is considered a metacognitive orientation action


Blackboard Support have confirmed this is beyond their scope so am looking for help on putting something together. I am reasonably confident getting data fro the content access but it is more the engagement with assessment tools that I ma looking for help with.


Is this something that can be obtained through ASR or will we need access to the Open DB?


Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.