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Collaborate recordings downloaded and potentially shared wider, without participant permission

Question asked by ghathaway on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by dr.mkaizen

At our institution, we have traditionally allowed students to download recordings and save them locally for watching offline, using both the original version of Collaborate and now with the LTI Moodle Ultra plug-in. A data-protection concern is that sessions, where participants have logged in with name, photo and then have comments aligned to this, could be shared wider than the original purpose if the locally downloaded file is shared.


We do advocate our Moodle-based Collaborate Ultra application that does not allow recordings to be downloaded and can only be streamed from within the VLE. Whilst this appears safer in terms of GDPR students lose the ability to access the recording offline which leads to disenchantment.


Is there a concern that allowing recordings to be downloaded and potentially shared wider is not in line with GDPR or is it simply down to an institution to advise that all recordings have this potential and participants should take this into consideration when signing into a session?


Many thanks