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Guest access & responsive version... Where are my tabs?

Question asked by emunoz on May 15, 2018

Hi everyone. Something very curious that I hadn't noticed before. I have been working on a new theme for a client, in their SaaS instance. They tell me there is no tabs in the mobile version and I answered "of course, they are in the hamburguer!" and the answer back was: there is no hamburguer when you are logged as a guest.

I checked and it is true. But if you enter Learn as a guest on the desktop version, you do see the tabs that are allowed for them to be seen (so, tabs marked for everyone + the ones for the role "guest").

I checked the source code and the part that draws the burguer is just not there.

Is it something nobody thought about when this was implemented and got "forgotten"? Is it intentional? I don't see a point of it being intentional if you can access those same tabs from the desktop version.

I have tested also in a Q4 2017 and the result is the same, both with a custom CSS theme and the original one.


Anyone has any ideas?