Damage control: I'm about to lose Bb

Discussion created by peirigill on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by drt

I've been teaching at an online high school for five years using Blackboard, but my school is under new management and they're going to cancel our Bb account.  I really don't want to lose access to all of my carefully honed and refined lessons.  I'm sorry to be such a neophyte, but I have a couple of basic questions whose answers I can't seem to find anywhere on the Blackboard website.

1.  Will I be able to open and edit my saved Bb files after the school's Bb account expires?

2.  Is it possible to get a Bb account as an individual?  What kind of cost might that involve?

3.  Is it possible to salvage my lessons by exporting them to a PowerPoint- or Google Slides-compatible format?  I have layered objects so I can reveal hidden items, so the .pdf export won't work for me.