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Purged a data source key users. how to recover?

Question asked by fk0068227 on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by dave.sharples


So we have multiple data source keys for student users. from one of the dsk wrongfully 110 were purged. after recovering students enrollments through snapshot. their enrollment is fine however their entire grades/submissions are removed.

I can see that in their courses if I download grade history their grades are available in the csv file but not in the grade center.

We do have backup for DB and content but we are looking for options.methods to recover them.

-Will purging users records remove all their submittions/grades/files?

-We may recover archived courses from a previous back ups 2 days before the purge. If we recover those archived courses under a different name and copy them using sis what are the settings needed to copy the course from 2 days ago onto the current course without duplicating/removing previous submissions/activities knowing that we have other users in these courses who weren't purged?

Thank you for your help