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Are there options to make a connetion between Blackboard and figshare?

Question asked by mp0053886 on Apr 30, 2018

At our university (Utrecht university (UU)) there is a project goinig on where we are looking if there are possibilities to make a connection between Blackboard and a repository system the UU uses.


The repository system is called Figshare. Teachers can place all kinds of material in this repository and make it public so other teachers/students can also make use of the material. If you want to place material on the environment you need to be logged on to the system. If you want to download material, this material is public, so it isn’t necessary to be logged in to the system. You can give the material certain keywords, so it will be easier to find for other users. Link to Figshare: .


For the UU we have different scenarios how we would like to use it in combination with Blackboard. A part of the scenarios are:


• In BB you can search the repository directly and place the found document in Blackboard (by an embedded link)

• Upload a document in Blackboard and place this document directly in the repository

• Upload existing documents from BB to the repository


If you place a document in the repository, some items related to the document are mandatory, for example title, key-words, description etc.


As far as we know now there are no possibilities in Figshare to connect with a tool.


Do you know/think there possibilities for Blackboard to make an connection with Figshare, given the above scenarios? You problably need more information. Let me know what kind of information you need more!

Thank you in advance!


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