Student course visibility before start date

Discussion created by aj31782 on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Ian Holder

Hi Community,

We are currently specifying some changes to the management of modules/courses for the next academic year particularly to our auto rollover process.


Due to historical reasons Instructors have to request access to each year's version of their module. Because this relies on human intervention we have had incidents where content has been rolled over and students have accessed the content but no instructor is in the module.


We also have a lot of support traffic coming up to start term date because we put start dates on all our modules aligned to our academic calendar.  Students often ask why their modules are not visible.


To deal with the above two issues we are proposing to change the roll over process and now:

  • Modules will be rolled over with placeholder text instead of last year's content.
  • We will then move enrolments in to the live area when the module start date has passed and only when an instructor has requested access to the live module and made changes.


Amongst my team I am alone in thinking that creating two areas for each module, even temporarily, seems like an admin overhead I would prefer not to have.


With that in mind I wanted to reach out to the community and see how you deal with course visibility before the start date? In our current production environment instructors see the module in their course list with an Unavailable until ddmmyyyy message. Whereas students don't see anything until the course is visible. Has anyone configured this to be different elsewhere.