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Reporting on tool usage within courses

Question asked by chrisboon on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by anna89

We are currently completing a full audit of all Blackboard courses, and are looking for a quick way to find out which courses have used interactive tools.  We're looking to report on whether each course has actively used blogs, journals, discussion boards or wikis in the last year, and are concerned that doing a manual audit will be time consuming, and could result in missed tools if they're hidden in sub-folders.


Does anyone have a database query which would work on our MH environment that would list the courses which have used these tools, and the number of entries this academic year?  We have some queries used for a similar purpose from a number of years ago when we were self-hosted (on MSSQL), but we're looking for a way to do this now that we're on Managed Hosting (on Linux and Oracle).  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.