Blackboard Link Checker - is this an effective tool?

Discussion created by ra0043350 on Apr 19, 2018
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We have recently launched several online programs with many web resources, and I have been asked by our faculty if there is a tool to check external web links for validity within a Blackboard course. In my search, I came across the "Blackboard Link Checker" and implemented it in our Test environment.


Using the tool, I discovered that not all "Valid" links are actually valid - and vice versa, some "invalid" links appear to load correctly. For example, the link for http://inservice.ascd.org/seven-things-to-remember-about-feedback/  is marked as "Invalid", yet when I click it, the article and web page do load. On the other hand, this link (https://www.alfiekohn.org/teaching/edweek/staiv.htm ) is marked as "valid" and leads to a "page not found" message.


I have 2 questions:


1. If you are using this application, have you found it to be an effective tool for checking validity, or have you just used it for the purposes of organizing and detailing where all external web links are located in a course?


2. I am wondering how this tool works, and how it classifies valid and invalid links - any insights?


I believe that i will advise our faculty to use this as a supplement, and to make sure they check their external links at least once every semester for accuracy.


Thank you in advance for your feedback!