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executeUpdate error; no exception being thrown

Question asked by cz0070476 on Apr 20, 2018

Hey again BB Community!


I am trying to insert in a few records (this is a test run) into our bblearn database. My code is as follows:


String insertStatement = "INSERT INTO BBLEARN.KSU_KSOT(version) VALUES(?)";
Connection conn5 = ConnectionManager.getDefaultConnection();

PreparedStatement pstmtCapture = conn5.prepareStatement(insertStatement);
pstmtCapture.setString(1, "test");
int updateResult = pstmtCapture.executeUpdate();


I call updateResult later on in an auto-generated email to see what number it returns but every time I try to load the B2 into Blackboard and run this script, it downloads a 0 byte file, stops right at the executeUpdate() line and does not execute any code thereafter. No throws, no errors, no update. I've tried a few workarounds but this looks to be right as far as preparedStatements go. Anyone have a clue as to why this is not working?