Blackboard Classes Neglected by Educators and Schools

Discussion created by zperales0480 on Apr 13, 2018
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Hi, I am a 4.0 student at my local community college, Montgomery County Community College.


I wanted to share my experience with online classes.


It has been awful. The platform is great when teachers use it correctly, however often it is not the case. I know for a fact teachers give preference to in class students over blackboard students, I have work ungraded going back almost three months now.


In two classes, the instructor has failed to grade roughly 75% of my work. I do not know my grades in the class. Emails are often ignored. Issues in miscommunication are not addressed for days, classes are not released on time, ever. Even more interesting is the classes when posted, are post dated for days previous to make it look like the teacher posts her classes on time. I'd almost consider that forgery, duplicitous at best.


Why are these classes not "audited" by blackboard? It's getting ridiculous, this is my third class that's been neglected this bad since I started at the college last semester. 3.png4.png