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VoiceThread LTI Assignments - Student Confusion

Question asked by ar0044571 on Apr 4, 2018

Does anyone else use the VoiceThread (VT) LTI integration to create VT assignments in Blackboard? We seem to have constant help desk tickets about the assignments because students do not submit their work for grading within VT and then the instructor can't grade their assignment. I think the root cause of this is confusion between posting comments in a VT and submitting the assignment. My understanding is that this design is in place because assignments can require several comment postings from students. In order to prevent prematurely graded work, students have to physically click a button to allow their instructor to grade their work. Apart from overriding the grade, instructors can't input a score until this is done.


Here's VoiceThread's documentation for students on submitting assignments in Blackboard. We have customized step-by-step directions in the course for each assignment and stress that they must complete the step to submit their work in order for their instructor to be able to grade their work.


Has anyone else seen this problem? What did you do to help reduce the issue?