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SCORM results not always recorded in Grade Centre

Question asked by jb31639 on Apr 4, 2018
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Does anyone have any recommendations/settings for SCORM content in Blackboard?


We have a number of third-party SCORM packages in use by our Health and Safety team. These, for example, provide Fire Safety Training. Staff are required to take the training and on the whole their progress is recorded in the Grade Centre. Occasionally, the Health and Safety team note that a person claims to have finished the test but they are recorded as "in progress". The person also presents the certificate of completion which is available at the end of the SCORM training via the package. They are currently Flash based. We're asking for HTML based too.


I'm not sure if this is specific to Blackboard or a general issue with SCORM packages. In the past the SCORM training was hosted elsewhere by the third party supplier and there was no reporting on the data. We're now hosting on Blackboard and reporting on it.


We now produce reports by department/school/etc on the completion or status of those taking the training. We export the Grade Centre data (using the "All the Ducks" rest API with a custom query) and merge it with HR data to produce a report for checking by Department/school/etc.


I think this reporting has highlighted that often (but no clear idea of how often) the status of the test may not be correct. In the past I think printing off the certificate was sufficient evidence. Now that we're producing reports we're finding that the data doesn't always match what a person tells us or presents as evidence (a certificate). It's not the report as I always check the Grade centre for the status of a person's training.


It feels like the result at the end of a test isn't always written to the Grade Centre and I'm not sure why. Is it just the occasional blip between the third party package or something more? Is this where the SCORM packages attempts to write to the grade centre and doesn't check for success and/or try again. Is it just the RESTful ness between the SCORM and Blackboard. I did look at some other SCORM packages from NUMBAS (Really versatile maths e-assessment | Numbas  ) a while back and we found that if the SCORM window wasn't closed correctly then it didn't always write back to the Grade centre.


I thought maybe the number of attempts was an issue so changed it to single attempts only but we still get the issue. I know SCORM shouldn't be used for bulk / large scale testing but I assume this is not the case and people are taking the training throughout the day over many months (it's not all happening in 1 hour like an exam).


I've contact the supplier and they don't have much experience with Blackboard and don't have any recommended settings.


I'm frustrated as I can't really debug this or find any grade history information. As an example the completion date is usually the date the person first started the training and not when they completed it (even if completed). Again, not sure if that's consistent in SCORM packages.


Thanks for any hints and tips