Enabling CPU monitoring in Admin Console crashed Blackboard Production

Discussion created by raphael.ferreira on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2018 by icdlacd

Did anyone experience this problem? Everything was fine and dandy. I went into Admin Console and clicked on CPU utilization and got... no results. I opened a support call with Blackboard and they instructed me to go to the Admin Console Building Block, settings, and enable CPU utilization. Boom! The whole system went down. GUI unresponsive and instructors and students calling our help-desk. I checked the usual log files and saw some weird error messages. Fastest way out: restart Blackboard services via servicecontroller.bat services.restart. GUI came back to life and stabilized. Has anyone experienced this? I was given no warning whatsoever from BB support, and I have read nothing on the documentation alluding to this possibility. Any comments appreciated. TIA, Raphael