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Content Collection SQL query similar to SysAdmin GUI Content Collection listing?

Question asked by dl0055113 on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by hxnguyen

in the system admin gui I am able to open a course and select the course contents listing to obtain a list of

content items like this:


Course Content: W_ASV-133-03-JC-W18



using teh 360 view I can see some information related to the first item in the above list of items:


So the permanent URL for the item is:   xid-20843658


in teh CMS-DOC schema I can query the xyf_files table to locate the file_id = 20843658 but I cannot figure out how to find the WEBFOLDER URL that this file is associated with or which course_id ( from course_main) this XID file# belongs to?


select * from xyf_files where file_id = '20843658'

shows me the creation_date, created-by, last_update_date, file_id ... etc but I cannot figure out how to tie this back to the course_id in course_main or the course_contents table or course_contents_files, or cms_resources_links table.


how can I use SaaS DDA query to obtain a (local) Content Collection listing?