Tests "Timing-out"

Discussion created by reid.kimball on Mar 27, 2018
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Hello, we enroll about 11,500 students, about 40% of whom take some form of online classes, so we rely heavily on our Managed Hosting server environment (we are going to SaaS soon).


This semester, we have seen an unusually high number of reports to the IT Help Desk that the following condition has happened to online students: "during Test, connection to the server is lost abruptly and w/o error message, causing test to be submitted incomplete"


We have reported this several times to Behind the Blackboard, performed a server audit, found no unusual logs, and no maintenance work was performed.


Wondering if any Community members have experienced an uptick with this issues this semester as well?


It cannot be "just the student's wifi connection," although most of the students are accessing the Test from off-campus, the mounting evidence points to something more than that explanation


Thoughts? Thank you