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Question asked by tmcintyr on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by katherine.williams

I would like to know, from Bb, why the professor's ability to comment and contribute to student papers has been reduced.  The recent substitution of the "Crocodo" mulit-feature tool bar with the one-trick-pony "Box" commentary has greatly reduced my ability to interact with my students online.

Crocodo allowed me to post commentary in text or off to the side.  I could highlight in 4 colors.  The tool bar allowed me to vividly interact with my students, and identify trouble spots or point out exemplars.

Box allows only for a simple in-text comment.  If I wish to edit my commentary while writing it, placing the cursor at a spot where an edit would be made is not an active feature.

In summary… Box is pretty much useless.  Bring back Crocodo or give me a choice of the two.  You folks really blundered on this selection.